Montana tugs at the heart and inspires our inner adventurer. This state’s sweeping plains, and rugged mountains that touch the sky, blue-ribbon trout streams and clear-flowing rivers, inviting backroads and starry night skies, crisp, clean air and an aura of possibility — there’s much to love here.

Whether you seek recreation or relaxation, whether you’re looking for somewhere your business can grow, or your children can grow up, Montana offers boundless potential for a life well-lived.

A person skiing

Winter Wonderland

Famed powder days in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Cozy, festive holiday celebrations in idyllic Montana towns. From peaceful days viewing wildlife and geysers in Yellowstone Park, to warm, welcoming gatherings at local breweries, there’s something for everyone during Southwest Montana’s winter season.

A person fly fishing

A River Runs Through It

Anglers worldwide talk about the flyfishing paradise in Southwest Montana with reverence and excitement — and with good reason. Here, spring creeks and alpine lakes teem with native Westslope Cutthroat, while trophy-sized Rainbow and Brown Trout chase hatches from hole to riffle throughout miles of iconic, free-flowing rivers.

A mountain bike in front of a mountain vista

Live the Mountain Life

Few sights capture the imagination like the mountains of Southwest Montana in high summer. From hundreds of miles of backcountry wilderness, to family-friendly, easy-access walks to stunning waterfalls, and scenic drives through gorgeous river corridors beneath green forested slopes and ancient cliffbands, Montana in the summer boasts countless opportunities for exploration and inspiration.

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